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  • is a unique place on the Internet.  Not only do we offer some of the best road safety products available, we have the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing.  Your safety and satisfaction are our number one concern!

    The safety pages contain the tips and practical advice needed to help you be safer on the roads!

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    We have a collection of articles about auto safety.  Here you will find the latest news, major vehicle safety recalls, and editorials.

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    Current Articles
    Car Booster Seats Urged for Kids
    Tougher Child Safety-Seat Testing Urged
    Children's Traffic Deaths Remain High
    Feds Ready New Air Bag Rules
    Study: New Air Bags Safer for Children
    Six Car-makers Faulted for Child Safety Seats
    Feds Announce New Air Bag Test Rules
    'Buckle Up' Campaign Takes Aim at Children
    Plan to Test Side Air Bags Unveiled


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